Hello and welcome to my blog!

My Name is Maren, I was born in 1987 in Germany. Currently I live with my boyfriend Kevin in Switzerland.

Kevin is from Ireland and he supports me with my food blog project. He has promoted himself to the position of “blog manager”. His main job is to help me with the translation of the English section of this blog. He does this willingly as long as I keep him fed.

During my youth I was large for my size and often felt unwell. In 2013 I made a decision to loose weight. My approach was too aggressive, within 9 months I had lost almost 25 kg by following a low carb diet. I became underweight, this resulted in me once again feeling unwell, lacking energy and constantly being in a bad mood. Slowly I started to add carbohydrates back into my diet and I felt better. I have to constantly work on my mental block to accept that carbohydrates are not the evil in this world. It is a constant struggle to overcome this “blockage”, but having a potato loving Irish man to feed has helped. My new self has taken a number of years of hard lessons learned but I have slowly gained weight. I am now completely happy with my weight and delighted that it remains constant.

My interest in food and nutrition has steadily grown, in 2015 I finished a training course and qualified as a holistic nutritionist.

Today I am interested in all kinds of food. I try to buy my food as fresh as possible and mainly organic. My diet is well-balanced and healthy. My work colleagues have taken an interest in my diet and for them I now do daily catering in the office, this is a great way for me to test new recipes. Cooking is the balance to my daily routine. I love to create new recipes, try new ingredients and cook according to my cooking books. My favourite literature are cooking books and I can’t have too many of them.

I am not a vegetarian but I try to eat meat rarely and very conscious of it´s origins. The meat I am buying is always organic. However most of my recipes will be without meat.
I try to buy my ingredients regional and seasonal. I make only some exceptions for food that does not exist in our regions. You will never find added refined sugar in my ingredients lists in this blog. Neither white rice, white flour or other high processed food.

You will find some recipes for each diet or allergy on my blog. It’s worth to read through.

Herewith enough about me have fun reading my blog and enjoy the cooking!