Poppy seed marzipan muffins

Lately I bought a big bag of grounded poppy seeds. It was a special offer and I couldn’t resist! I love poppy seeds in all variations however grounded poppy seeds can’t… Read More

Peach smoothie bowl

Peach is in season at the moment but I don’t like the furry skin of a peach however I love the flavor. Do you have the same problem? Now here is the perfect solution… make yourself this lovely peach smoothie bowl! Read More

Healthy summer granola

In a previous post I wrote how I love a little crunch in my breakfast bowl. It has been really warm summer and I find myself craving a fruity summer crunch.  Read More


Birne Helene Chia Pudding_3Pears belle Helene – Chia-pudding

I admit, I love breakfast and especially the sweet versions. My boyfriend also likes once in a while bacon, sausages with beans, scrambelled eggs and toast but this is not for me, I rather prefer a big portion of fruits… Read More