Poppy seed marzipan muffins

Lately I bought a big bag of grounded poppy seeds. It was a special offer and I couldn’t resist! I love poppy seeds in all variations however grounded poppy seeds can’t… Read More

homemade-oreos_1Healthy dark chocolate cookies

Recently I made these cookies and asked my boyfriend: “Do you like the cookies? This is one of the new recipes I developed for the Natural-Moogs Hompage.”  You need to know, we made an agreement… Read More

Fruit dumplings

This recipe is actually based on an old family recipe. When I was a child my family made sometimes a contest who can eat most of the fruit dumplings. I remember my record was 15 pieces. I loved them… Read More

Blueberry Apricot_3Blueberry apricot cloud

Very often I find a box of blueberries in my fridge. I simply cannot resist buying them at the market. Whenever I see them for sale I have to buy a box, I simply love them! They are so healthy and diverse… Read More

Banana ice cream with black currants sauce_6Banana ice cream with black currant sauce

The summer has reached us in Switzerland in the meanwhile and we had a really hot weekend. In the later afternoon I was graving for some ice cream…. Read More


Even if it looks like we won’t have a real spring this year, I want to bring the spring to your table. This morning at the market I found some rhubarb… Read More