Beetroot patties with feta creme

After a very long break I will start again now to add a new recipe on my blog. Please forgive you had to wait so long for it. The last weeks and months were just crazy in regards of travelling and work… Read more


Vegetarian mushroom Schnitzel

After a long break I have found time to post some new recipes for the my homepage. I have been travelling a lot in the last weeks for private reasons and also for work…. Read more


Fruit dumplings

This recipe is actually based on an old family recipe. When I was a child my family made sometimes a contest who can eat most of the fruit dumplings. I remember my record was 15 pieces. I loved them… Read More

Banana ice cream with black currants sauce_6Savoury swiss cheese pie

This weekend I was invited to a garden party with all our neighbours. We had a big barbecue and everybody brought something to either eat or drink. I decided to bring a typical swiss dish, with a healthy twist… Read More


Often I come home late in the evenings, tonight was no exception, usually I am very hungry and want a healthy dinner which can be quickly prepared. On the way home this evening I thought about … Read More

Schwarzer Reis _1Black-blueberry-rice

Slowly the days become warmer, that’s why I wanted to create a light refreshing recipe. The combination of blueberry and avocado has always been a favourate of mine. Together with yoghurt, lime and mint… Read More